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Third Party Fundraising

We love collaborating with community fundraising partners to spread the word about Home Hospice Association’s important programs and events.

Interested in organizing your own event in support of Home Hospice Association? Let’s work together to ensure that communities across Canada have free and equitable access to compassionate end-of-life care.

Why partner with us?

By partnering with Home Hospice Association, you can help us raise awareness and funds so we can continue to:

  • Equip professionals and volunteers with the knowledge and skills they need to expand the circle of care both locally and nationally (and thanks to online learning, also internationally!)

  • Normalize conversations about dying, death, and grief so that people of all ages can find comfort and support knowing they are not alone

How we help you

We are committed to supporting our event partners with:

  • Promotion via social media

  • Profile in our monthly newsletter

  • Profile and links on the HHA website

  • Public relations assistance (media and press releases)

  • On-site ambassadorship at the event

Get in touch

If you already have a great idea for an event and would like to partner with Home Hospice Association, we’d love to hear from you!


Contact Tracey at


And if you want to support HHA by hosting a fundraiser but need an event idea, we’re happy to brainstorm possibilities with you! 


THANK YOU to our event partners!

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Event Photos

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