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Home Hospice Association

Social Justice Internship Program

About the Social Justice Internship Program

A lack of equitable access to end-of-life care is a social justice issue. This is why Home Hospice Association (HHA) offers those pursuing a career in social justice the chance to help solve the reality that 84% of people in Canada don't have equitable access to quality end-of-life care. 


Our internship prepares Social Work, Community Work and Social Service Work students for a career in the social justice field. This hands-on experience in program design, implementation and management is ideally suited for those who want to pursue leadership roles in their communities.

Practical and Real-life Experience

Because of HHA's approach to community collaboration, our social justice interns have the opportunity to see first-hand how social change can happen through on-the-ground community work. Our Internship Program has been designed to bring the following in-class theory to life:

  • Legal and ethical issues in case/client care management   

  • Client acquisition and intake process   

  • How agencies are governed, what constitutes sound management practice  

  • Preparation of fundraising plans and funding proposals

  • Grant writing to access government, corporations and foundations funding   

  • Budgeting and other financial aspects of agency operation   

  • Human Resource and Team Engagement as a leader/mentor  

  • Volunteer practices  

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Go Remote with Your Internship Experience

The way we work has changed in the last few years. More agencies are working remotely or in a hybrid environment. HHA’s national team has been preparing future leaders to work from a remote office since 2017.   


When considering this internship, it's important to think about whether or not working in a remote environment (home office) works for you!

Our Program Manager Internship Opportunity

Are you a leader or aspiring leader prepared to mobilize care in a way that inspires others? Our Program Manager Interns are responsible for the delivery of one of HHA’s programs to agency partners and its roll-out in specific communities.


As your placement evolves, you will learn all aspects of a Program Manager’s role and grow into actually having the opportunity to perform in a leadership position, giving you first-hand knowledge and experience of program management and what programming in end-of-life care looks like. Regardless of your area of interest (youth, mental health, addictions, houselessness, etc.), you will see how every agency that serves any population will at some point need to add end-of-life care to their program offerings.  

It has been through the vision of some of our most dedicated and creative interns that we have been able to grow programs such as C.A.N.DY. Café, Long-Term Care, Houseless Hospice Pilot and Prison Hospice Pilot

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Is this Internship for You?

We’re looking for individuals who demonstrate a high level of personal integrity and a strong work ethic. This internship is well-suited to people who are self-reflective, open and receptive to feedback and continuing professional development, sensitive to the needs of others, and can talk to people in a non-judgmental way. If you’re up for the challenge, we can offer you a rewarding, supportive and vibrant learning environment!  


HHA is committed to diversifying our team and to increasing the leadership capacities of people from groups who often encounter systemic barriers to leadership positions. If there are ways in which you identify that you would like us to take into consideration, please let us know on your application.

Ready to learn, grow, and succeed together? If yes, we are ready for you.

What our Interns Have to Say

"I took the 'long road' because I enjoy interactions with others and more so, I needed Canadian experiences for job prospects in the near future. I was also interested to serve in hospice care as I have many years of experience working in a hospital environment. I had the option of choosing "Project Library" to continue my placement but really connected with the Volunteer Engagement Team as well as Moonlit Memory Walk. I just feel that I have a lot that I can contribute to the overall mission as I remain a member of this organization."



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"HHA was a unique agency to complete my placement, as I was able to learn a lot about how agencies run and the different moving parts of the "behind the scenes" in a not for profit.  I gained valuable skills through creating and hosting a Death Cafe with my peers for Social Workers and Social Service Workers to create awareness about the importance of conversations surrounding dying and death with clients.”



""My experience with Home Hospice Association has been especially beneficial to my professional development while gaining experience as a Social Service Worker. I have gained an assortment of skills. One of my greatest accomplishments during my time with this organization is gaining confidence and leadership I didn’t know existed for me. I have been able to gain knowledge in my chosen field through program work, and advanced in other areas along the way!"



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Thank you for Entrusting Your Students to HHA's Internship Program
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Social Service Worker Interns from Humber College
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Social Workers at Toronto Metropolitan Unvirsity
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