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Whether your loss is due to miscarriage, baby loss for medical reasons, stillbirth, infant death, or adoption, Our Babies, Our Grief welcomes you to make our support part of your grief journey. Join us for our six-week progressive healing group and our monthly check-ins.  


About Our Babies, Our Grief

Founded in the practice of self-care and acceptance, Our Babies, Our Grief provides an opportunity for participants to tap into their wisdom, learn from each other, and explore their grief in a welcoming and supportive environment.   


Following the companioning model of compassionate care, this program provides a unique and much-needed type of support for wherever participants are in their grieving. Participants will have the space to connect with others, build awareness and learn how they can tend to the memory of and love for their baby, as well as speak to their experience and how the loss shows up in their lives.  


We offer support through our monthly check-in sessions and our online or in person six-week healing groups. All our support programs are free of charge and open to anyone who has experienced infant or pregnancy loss.  


In these sessions, we’ll learn helpful concepts to understand, talk about and support our grief. We will work through some of the hurtful or worrying aspects of the experience and acknowledge both our shared lived experiences and those that are unique to our individual circumstances. 


Thanks to the generosity of our donors and the commitment of our facilitators, we are able to provide these healing spaces at no cost to you. To find out how you can support the program, please click here.

Why we meet:
  • To provide a safe, open, caring space where you can mourn your loss.


  • To assist you in the exploration of your grief, share experiences, and learn about compassionate grieving practices.


  • To gather together a supportive community to walk alongside and companion you in this journey.


  • To offer you some measure of comfort knowing you are not alone in your grief.

How Our Babies, Our Grief Helps

Virtual Monthly

This drop-in-style group meets online on the first Wednesday of each month, and is open for anyone to join, free of charge.  


To receive the meeting link, simply complete the contact form below. 

Virtual Six-Week Progressive Healing Group

This free to attend group meets online once per week for six consecutive weeks. Throughout our time together, we will explore the grieving process in an inclusive, supportive and peer-based environment.  


Click below to register. 

Connect with our Pathway Coordinator

If you have questions about our drop-in or group programs, or would just like to speak to someone one-on-one about how we can best support you, our Pathway Coordinator Jennifer Gillean is here to help.  


Email her at, or click below to book a virtual meeting.

Moonlit Memory Walk

Every October, HHA organizes the Moonlit Memory walk in honour of those we have lost. This is the perfect occasion to stand alongside the loss community and honour the little life you created and lost too soon. 


This fundraising event helps us continue to offer support to the dying and their loved ones. If you would like to walk in honour of your little one, click below to find out how to join us.

Community Partnerships

Are you a member of a community organization? If you think Our Babies, Our Grief might benefit your clients, we would love to hear from you!


We offer both our check-ins and six-week healing group sessions free and in-person to community partners.


For more details please get in touch.

In-Person Sessions

We offer in-person versions of our check-ins and six-week healing groups through our community partners.


To check for upcoming support groups in your area, please see our events page.


1 in 4 pregnancies ends in loss

Meet our Facilitators 

Our team is part of Home Hospice Association’s Infant & Pregnancy Loss Support community and actively supports the Pre and Perinatal Hospice Program.

5000 infants are stillborn each year in Canada

How you can help

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