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Meet our Changemaker

April 2023

Image by Drew Beamer

Manpreet Kaur

Talent HR Manager

"Manpreet went the extra mile and always with a positive attitude. Her work ethic is inspiring and she has been a great addition to my team through her dedication and hard work to see HHA flourish. Manpreet’s contributions have been significant, and her attention to detail and support helped make working with the new cohort of interns a great experience. - Precilla Garcia, HHA Co-op Coordinator

How did your journey with HHA start?

My journey with HHA started in January 2023, as a Talent HR manager. I studied Project Management and Strategic Leadership at Lambton College and in my course I have to do a Co-op internship program for four months, which is why I applied to HHA. After being accepted to the Internship Program, I got the chance to work with HHA as a Talent/HR Manager and Newsletter Editor.

Tell us a bit about yourself. What's important to you and why?

I completed my Graduation in India and further continued my studies in Canada. My current focus is gaining project management experience. My hobbies are reading religious and historical books. Starting my day with the morning prayer to the Almighty is very important to me and I thank him for everything that I have, which gives me a feeling like I am living a meaningful life.

What impact is your work at HHA having in your community or the communities HHA serves?

HHA is impacting the lives of many international students who come from different countries by giving them an equal opportunity to gain experience working in Canada and to learn new skills. Of course, HHA is also serving the dying community. When I started with HHA, I was not familiar with hospice care, but I came to know about end-of-life care by working with HHA. I believe it is a great charity organization.

Who inspires you, and why? 

When it comes to leadership Maharaja Ranjit Singh the “King of Panjab” is the greatest inspiration for me. He is known for his tolerance and openness, regardless of caste or religion. He promoted religious harmony in the country and allowed people to practice their own religions without any interference. In an organization like HHA, this type of leadership helps to make us accepting of difference in our approaches and beliefs as we strive to do our best work.

What are some things you've learned about yourself since starting at HHA?

I have been working for HHA only for 3 months but it feels like a year. I have been given so many opportunities to take part in major activities that an HR manager should learn and in other departments as well. This worthwhile working experience has taken my confidence to greater levels. Volunteering with Home Hospice Association has really taught me how to implement in real life the theory that I learned in my Project Management course. That is one of my biggest achievements working at HHA.

"The more the matter emerges from the depth of the heart, the higher that matter will reach." -Giani Sant Singh Maskeen

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Manpreet's Favourite Quote

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