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Comfort Cozies

“Comfort Cozies” are designed to clothe a baby who has been stillborn, in a way that can provide dignity and compassion to the family at a very tragic and emotional time.  It is difficult to dress these little angels, especially if a parent wishes to visit with and hold their baby before burial.  The design has taken this into consideration, making it suitable for a child of any size and “gestation age.” Home Hospice Association volunteers give their time and talent to make the ensembles.

Comfort Cozies are gifted to Still Birth Doulas, hospitals and funeral homes. Because it is most often the funeral home dealing directly with the family, they are the recipients of the largest inventory as this is the best way to ensure that a baby can be buried in a Comfort Cozy.  

While it may be a logical assumption that a funeral home would purchase Comfort Cozies, most offer stillborn burials as a free service.  Therefore, we do not want them to incur any additional costs with this delicate gift to their families.   It is our goal that, through this “feel good” public awareness project, Home Hospice Association’s “Still Birth Doula Program” will gain momentum.