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Ask Me Anything with @GoodDeathDoula Kayla Moryoussef

Are you are curious about the role of a Death Doula? If yes, plan to join Kayla Moryoussef “the Good Death Doula” for a great question and answer evening.  After graduating from Home Hospice Association’s Death Doula Certificate Program, Kayla has gone on to establish a very successful Death Doula Practice. Often called upon for comment and profile in media outlets such as MacLeans Magazine, Kayla’s authentic approach to to dying, death and grief is often described as refreshing and comforting. As an HHA Practicing Death Doula, she invites you to join her for an evening of insight. Have your questions answered and take the next step on your journey.

What questions might you ask? Or appreciate knowing the answer to...

  1. What did Kayla do “day one” of building her practice after her training weekend and how that has grown into her successful practice
  2. What benefits does HHA provides to someone makes our charity their choice to be a Death Doula?
  3. Why do people tend to select HHA as their Death Educator?
  4. How is HHA working to make HHA Death Doulas paid members of professional caregiving teams?
  5. And most importantly... your question(s) here!

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