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Giving Tuesday "Cards-4-Care"

Home Hospice Association (HHA) proudly participates in
Giving Tuesday
’s mission “to create a world where giving is part of everyday life.”

Help us increase access to holistic care, personalized support, and practical resources for people facing death and those who love them.

This year, the global “Giving Tuesday” is November 28, 2023.


We're collecting “Cards -4-Care” - gift card donations for restaurants, shops, and other products or services in the amount of $25, $50, $100 (or more) - that we'll be selling off for one day only!


On Giving Tuesday 2024*, anyone can purchase the gift cards, and all proceeds collected go towards making it possible for us to help ease the suffering of the dying in your community and those who love them.

*Please note: Due to insufficient card donations leading up to our fundraiser, we've had to postpone our sale until next year.

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How our Giving Tuesday fundraiser works

Our Cards-4-Care fundraiser is the easiest way for you to support our work. Simply buy a gift card from our website for a business that you would already spend money at!


Because each gift card has been donated, HHA gets 100% of the funds from the card and you still get to use the full value of the cards you purchase.


Help HHA ease the suffering of our dying and those who love them by purchasing or donating a gift card today.  It's that easy!

PURCHASE a Card-4-Care!

Home Hospice Association's

Cards-4-Care go on sale on Giving Tuesday,


Help us meet our goal of 100 hours of care.  


*Due to insufficient card donations leading up to our fundraiser, we've had to postpone our sale until next year.

DONATE a Card-4-Care

3 Ways to Donate:

1. If you own a business that offers gift cards, we welcome your donation. Give as many gift cards as you like, each in the amount of $25, $50, $100, or more!

2. If you have a gift card that you know you won’t use, you can re-gift it to our Giving Tuesday fundraiser.

3. You can either buy gift cards yourself from businesses you want to support and then donate them to our fundraiser, or you can make a cash donation that we will use to purchase gift cards. Please send all cash donations via e-transfer to

Help us reach our Giving Tuesday fundraising goal

Our goal is to fund 100 hours of care, which amounts to $4500.


Both gift card donations and purchases help us to meet our goal, allowing us to provide greater access to compassionate care and support across all of Canada.

If you're able, please donate today! We're incredibly grateful for your support! All donations are tax deductible, and businesses that donate gift cards will also be recognized on our website and get a shout out on our social media.


We accept card donations at any time throughout the year, but cards are only for sale on Giving Tuesday!


How we use the money raised

100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser go towards ensuring that HHA can continue to provide access to essential programs & services that directly benefit the 84% of people in Canada who do not have equitable access to quality and free end-of-life care.

Examples of how exactly your money helps:


  • $200.00 supports the Bello Project in re-homing one person's pet when the time comes if there isn't a family member able to take ownership

  • $200.00 sponsors a HOPP Family Day, giving children who are facing death, as well as their siblings and parents, the opportunity to have some fun together

  • $200.00 funds an “End of Life Care Comfort Kit” for those who are living out the end of their life in a setting (such as a shelter or prison) that presents a challenge for providing the basic comforts that are so helpful in the final months, weeks and days of life

  • $400.00 helps to offset travel costs for our team to visit with key stakeholders in order to establish programs, such as the Compassionate Caregiving Program, in a new community or with a new charity partner

“How we care for the sick and dying is surely a litmus test of our humanity."
- Bono
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