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Metis Nation of Ontario

Community Partner Spotlight

June 2024

Written by Tracey Robertson, HHA CEO & Co-Founder


About the Metis Nation of Ontario 

Established in 1993 by the Métis people to represent the interests of their community and advocate for Métis rights, the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) is a dynamic and multi-faceted organization. Operating out of over 25 health centers across the province, they engage in advocacy and provide a diverse range of programs and services to support the Métis people. 

For more information, please visit their website at

Why We Are Partnering

Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) identified a crucial need for comprehensive death education and compassionate caregiving training for their frontline staff. Recognizing this gap, Home Hospice Association (HHA) swiftly responded by creating a 2.5-day educational event within six weeks. This event combined elements from our Compassionate Caregiving Training, Death Doula Certificate Program, and specialized topics like “How to Talk with Kids about Death and Grief.” This collaboration not only highlighted our shared values but also laid the foundation for a dynamic and evolving partnership. 

For HHA, the "why" of this partnership resonates with the core of our mission to support a community dedicated to improving compassionate care for its people. This partnership isn’t just about providing services; it’s about joining forces with a community that, at every turn, asks, “How can we do this better?” Our shared commitment to enhancing the quality of life and the dignity of death for every Métis citizen has been the heart of our collaboration, guiding us every step of the way. 


Current Initiatives

Customized Compassionate Caregiving Online Training  

Tailored specifically for the MNO community to meet their unique needs.


How to Talk with Kids About Death and Grief  

Providing guidance on addressing these sensitive topics with children and teens. 


Death Doula Services  

Offering support to MNO citizens throughout the end-of-life process.


September Plenary Workshops  

Three workshops delivered at the annual MNO plenary event. 


Our Babies, Our Grief for Older Adults   

A focus group event organized to address losses that occurred 25 years ago or more.


MAiD Community Workshops  

Education on Medical Assistance in Dying for community awareness and understanding.


Frontline Staff Debriefing Circle  

A supportive space for staff to process their experiences and challenges. 


Our Partnership Journey

  • December 2022: Initiated discussions to explore a working relationship. 

  • January 2023: Launched our partnership with a commitment to a 2.5-day “Death Education and Compassionate Caregiving” event. 

  • March 2023: Facilitated the “Death Education and Compassionate Caregiving” event. 

  • April 2023: Formed working groups for Compassionate Caregiving and discussing death and grief with children. 

  • June 2023: Hosted an online event focusing on pre- and perinatal loss. 

  • September 2023: Special guest appearance at the MNO Plenary Meeting. 

  • November 2023: Launched the frontline staff Debriefing Circle. 

  • January 2024: HHA became the official Death Doula training resource for all Metis citizens and frontline staff. 

  • March 2024: Expanded educational events, including workshops on MAiD. 

  • June 2024: Joined the “Circle of Knowledge”, connecting with other agencies supporting MNO. 


Connect With Us

Stay informed about our ongoing partnership by subscribing for updates on our website (below). 

Interested in joining our work? Reach out to us at to learn about the opportunities available.  

Want to become an HHA partner? Visit our Community Partnerships page and let us know how you’d like to connect! 

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