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Home Hospice Association

A Canadian Registered Charity

With a focus on dignity, compassion, and culturally sensitive human connection, Home Hospice Association empowers communities to help people die wherever they call home.

Increasing access to compassionate end-of-life care since 2014

Home Hospice Association (HHA) exists to bring compassionate end-of-life care to anyone facing death - at any time, of any age, under any roof. We aim to make care for the dying and their loved ones accessible to all, and will achieve our vision by continuing to remove the financial barriers that stand between people in need and access to quality end-of-life care.


By providing our knowledge and resources to communities in need, we’re able to mobilize hospice palliative care cost effectively and expediently, continuously drawing the circle of care wider, while assisting in making end-of-life care as relevant and community-specific as possible. 

People dying in isolation and without the dignity they deserve at the end of their lives is not a new phenomenon - but in light of the pain and suffering we’ve collectively witnessed and personally experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic, society is increasingly realizing how damaging it is to die and grieve unsupported.


It's HHA’s goal to ensure that no one dies alone - now or ever again - and that all loved ones have the support they need in grief and bereavement.

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How we mobilize care


Drawing the circle of end-of-life care wider in a holistic, culturally sensitive manner 

Community Partnerships



Normalizing death through education to professionals, children, families and communities  


Direct Support

For anyone, of any age, at any time and under any roof


HHA Death Cafes

At HHA, we strive to normalize death and talking about dying, death and grief, because a culture that silences these conversations and tries to ignore the reality that we’ll all die one day inevitably creates societies where people can’t get the support they need when they or a loved one is facing death.


Remember, talking about death won't kill you. Join our Death Cafes and experience the benefits of engaging with mortality in a supportive community environment.

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HHA is a Canadian Registered Charity 835877580RR0001

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