2019 - 2020 ANNUAL REPORT

"You can not discover new oceans unless you have the courage to leave the shore"


Our Board Of Directors at both the National and Chapter Level are leading the way in collaboration by undertaking the challenge of  building partnerships with community charities and municipalities to uncover gaps in end of life care and fill them with one or a combination of HHA’s seven signature programs.

It Takes a Village: Home Hospice Association has always imagined community success to be the day when a local landscaper walks up the pathway to the home of a terminal member of their community ready to volunteer a few hours tending to the gardens this person has loved for so long.  On the pathway the landscaper meets up with an employee of one of the local banking institutions.  She and her sixteen year old son have just returned the family dog from a long walk.  As they greet each other they comment warmly on how great the family birthday party looked, organized by three employees of the local bakery. 

It takes a village was the shared vision of HHA's Founders: It was September 2014 and it was Glen Burkholder, Jeanne O’Kell and Tracey Robertson.  What were the questions?

If 70% of people living in Canada want to die where they call home, why can't they? And, if 84% of people living in Canada have no access to quality end of life care, what are WE going to do about it?

We sat on a dock and stared out into the water and realized a big problem needed a big solution.  Anything less would be like bringing a garden hose to fight a forest fire.  An environmental scan of Canada and the world started to present a solution.  If we could create a charity that would work with other charities (whether or not they currently offered hospice palliative care) then we could spring into action with the very first relationship.


What a simple solution!  Easy?  Not so much.  The next challenge was how to do present a value proposition for donors?  Offering hospice wherever someone calls home means there will be no new buildings to put names on.  Asking people to donate to something they do not want to face (their own mortality) put their mortality right into their face! 


Well what mountains ever moved easily? It has been both the most heartbreaking and rewarding journey the three of us could have ever imagined.  The good news, we are still in the game!

Leadership In Action and Promoting our Mission and Vision in Communities and Chapters Across the Province:

 Advancing our Mission, Vision and Imagination!  

means..."Showing up"

and Rolling up Our Sleeves Where Needed Most (let's pick a quote: https://www.wow4u.com/actions-speak-louder/)

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ONE IN FOUR  continues to address the alarming lack of grief and bereavement support blah blah   Click Here to read a full accounting of the impact of this project within Pre and Pertinal Hospice both for this fiscal year and historically since it's inception. beginning with the End in Mind - Read Historical Information about Education and Communtiy Outreach - Talk about College Boreal


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Diana Pathway MAiD Death Cafe Mock Up
Diana Pathway MAiD Death Cafe Mock Up

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LGBTQ 01212019 Poster - Digital

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Diana Pathway MAiD Death Cafe Mock Up
Diana Pathway MAiD Death Cafe Mock Up

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100% of how far reaching our care is based upon those who believe our dying matter as much as our living.  

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This year our volunteer base grew to over 250.

Sadly we also had to say goodbye to a dear friend and tireless champion.

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Anne Anderson:  Two hours after a radiation treatment she joined in grocery shopping for our Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula Trainings; while on a winery tour with her sister, she came back to Toronto to attend a government meeting.  These are just two of the many memories our volunteers share about Anne and how in the face of death nothing was more important to her than our mssion and vision. She pushed us, it was hard to to step up when she was so sick and would not rest... until rest was no longer an option.  2019 Moonlit Memory Walk is our thanks to Anne.  While walking for one loved one, we walk for her as well.  Her strength remains in the spirit of all our teams.

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Girl Behind the Lens

Strategic Direction 2020 - 2021... the number is 10,000

whose journey we WILL change

"while we cannot change the outcome we can change the journey"

Leadership Mentoring Program, Cultural and Sensitivity Training, Launch of The Diana Pathway, Anti-Discrimination Team, IPLD Scholarship, Increased effott of Agency Partnerships, Re-Launch No Place Like Home Pilot Project, Beatae Memoriae, what else, education and community awareness, sustainability and re-branding plan Death Doula Practicum and Improvements to the Certification Process