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Rethinking the Way We Walk

The Moonlit Memory Walk is bigger than you think. The event breaks the boundaries of conventional fundraising and challenges us to “rethink” the way we walk.

Metaphorically speaking, to walk, is an expression of life. We learn to walk before we run. Walking on cloud nine is pure heaven, but don’t get caught walking with your head in the clouds. We walk in and out of people’s lives and along the way we meet all walks of life. We learn to walk tall and avoid the walk of shame. We aspire to walk the line, but sometimes life is no walk in the park and sometimes we just need to walk it off. We would walk to the ends of the earth for the ones we love, but don’t ever talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk.

It’s so natural, that we aren’t even conscious of the fact we are doing it. Then the day comes to remind us that we all walk to the beat of our own drum, and the end of the road is a final destination for our earthly presence and often we find ourselves learning to walk again, on familiar roads, alone.

So, if you think about it, walking (or whatever one’s mode of transportation may be) is to live. But how do we soldier on after the loss of a loved one? The answer is in our memories.

The Moonlit Memory Walk provides a unique platform that looks beyond the fundraiser. It’s a “walk and talk” event that invites participants to reflect and remember a life once lived. Throughout the course of the evening ceremonial steps will accompany your walk down memory lane. Everyone is encouraged to tap into the healing power of conversation and storytelling by leaving a legacy in honor of the person you are walking for.

Mindful walking is healthy for you. It’s an exercise of the heart; and where there is a healthy heart there is growth and love that extends beyond yourself.

So is the Moonlit Memory Walk big? …..In my opinion….It’s to the moon and back kinda huge.

Steps to making the most of your Memorial Walk

1. Show up (bring friends and family too)

2. Bring an open mind and an open heart

3. Don’t be shy to engage in conversation – share your story and make a connection

4. Read and think about the Legacy Questions (provided to you) on your walk.

5. Consider being a support to someone else.

6. Do not make judgements. Remember, until you have walked in someone else’s shoes….

7. Touch someone. Regardless if someone happens to be a shaker or a hugger, you can touch with your words. Be kind always.

8. Celebrate Life!

9. Remember and rethink the way you walk – your strut is uniquely yours.

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