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Welcome to the February Edition of The Journey Journals

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

​I am so excited to write an article and blog post for this month’s issue of The Journey Journals. My article is called “Love in a Brown Paper Bag”. Most days I am so “caught up” in the day to day operations of Home Hospice Association and the myriad of hats that I wear that I rarely take the time to sit down and write, though it is something that I love to do.

What better month than “Heart Month” (the month of love), to take some time to do something that I love; a bit of self-care, if you will. Care of others begins with care of self. Respect for others begins with respect of self. Love of others begins with love of self, and love of self means taking time to do things “for you”. As you read about the great love that is being shared with and offered to our dying, it is my hope that you recognize yourself and your contribution to this powerful energy that helps to end suffering.
As we know, care matters more than ever when cure is no longer possible. Let’s celebrate your contribution towards the love and care that we provide to our dying and those who love them, and our gratitude to “you”.
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