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Who do you want to have control over where and how you die?

That control and your end of life choices are currently dependent upon where you live and how much money you have. We are told we have to save for retirement, but who told us we have to save for our end of life care? We cannot depend upon our government to give us all free choice about how we live and die, regardless of who is in power.

What if there was a way to become part of a national village of those working to ensure that the care needed is available for everyone? What if we could honour a loved one who has died and make part of their legacy the compassion and care needed when a cure is no longer possible? Home Hospice Association envisions a day when we will help and depend on each other, but we depend on you today to help us raise the funds needed so that wherever someone lays their head we can make a hospice bed.

All the stress and challenges of the last few months means we need you more than ever. We have found ourselves adding new services and conceiving of ways to offer compassionate care. This all adds to our significant funding need. Providing grief and bereavement support to those who have lost someone during this pandemic as well as to those professionals out in all fields of caregiving is a top priority. As well, we find ourselves in the role of finding ways to bring people to the bedside when the challenges of travel and visiting policies are keeping people away from their loved ones.

Join our Moonlit Memory Walk and get actively involved in the fundraising campaign in order to allow each of us to have a dignified and compassionate end of life experience - not if our time comes, but when our time comes. 


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