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How Organized is My Life?

Time management is a skill which does not come naturally; it must be learned. By working on multiple projects for Home Hospice Association, I have learned how to use time management in practical ways which have also had an instrumental impact on my personal life. Doing projects in a time-constrained environment also helps me to complete tasks related to my personal life within time. For example, I set a specific time requirement for each task i.e., a maximum of 2 hours for cooking. It not only helps me to stay focused, but also leads to quality work as I dedicate my whole concentration to completing one job at a time.

Hourglass and time management

As an international student, it is very important to have time-management skills so that I can maintain equilibrium between work and my personal life. One of the major components of project management that I have learned while serving as a project manager with Home Hospice Association is project planning, which I utilize for tasks in my life. I make a 24-hour schedule in which I add all my activities - work, study, health, food, and family. This helps me to live a balanced lifestyle and completing tasks within the allocated time helps to reduce my stress level and helps me to live my life in a more organized way.

Making a 24-hour schedule means I plan for everything that I am going to do on a daily basis which helps me to be a better decision-maker. For example, by planning ahead of time, I can really focus on my long-term goals and hence make wiser decisions. Before making a schedule, I was just doing my routine activities and was not focused on my long-term goals. To help accomplish my career goal to be a project manager, I have added some activities (CAPM exam and learning AUTO-CAD) in my schedule, which will help me to grow personally and professionally.

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