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Legacy and the Role Music Plays

Respectfully Submitted by Jacob Kechichian

Living with the memory of a deceased loved one can be a challenge to navigate. It can feel like walking through fog where the grieving process is never linear. At HHA, we can empathize with these feelings; one helpful solution we have found is to begin a legacy project. A legacy project is creating something in memory of the deceased loved one. It can be anything from a knitted scarf to a quilt. One modern example is to create a mixtape of the loved one’s favourite music on a streaming service or onto a CD. Searching through their music history may bring up mixed feelings, as on some songs you may remember happy times while on some you may remember the opposite. Legacy projects never have a deadline and can be picked up or put on layaway whenever you feel like it. This flexibility allows you to approach the non-linear grieving process openly and intuitively.

Creating a playlist can be partly troublesome if you are unfamiliar with computers or streaming services, but luckily, Spotify makes it quite simple. All you have to do is go to “Your Library” on your account and click the ‘+’ sign in the top right corner of your app (if you are on a mobile device). Then, you can name it and let the fun begin. You Tube is not just for video, you can also create audio playlists. A great way to begin your playlist is to find your loved one's favourite songs! If you want a longer playlist, here is what you can do: find the top songs on the day of their birth, create multiple playlists for different genres, and find their favourite movie soundtracks. Adding in more elements can make the playlist more intimate. You can even ask their other friends and family for input.

While the playlist idea is just one small idea, creating a legacy project for a deceased loved one can be a cathartic process that helps to alleviate feelings of grief and sadness and turn those feelings into positive memories associated with the project itself. The passing of a loved one is always an incredibly tough and life-changing experience but the memories of that person can live on in your thoughts and in the spaces you create for them.

Home Hospice Association’s annual Moonlit Memory Walk is another way to honour the memory of your loved one. Sign up today, tell us their story, say their name and help ensure those reaching the end of their life have important services such as Voices of Love; a playlist that can be added to one’s Advance Care Plan.

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