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Here is The Monday Motivation (TMM) for you! Have a super wonderful week ahead.

Over the last number of years, I had been care-giving for a number of family members who have died. I have been present at their deaths, some were good, some not so good. From this, came my awareness of how dying and death could be, hopeful, peaceful and an opportunity to be truly present with another.

So taking this background, I started on the path of becoming a Death Doula candidate, which led me to HHA. So I reached out to a friend of mine, who was involved with HHA. I think we need to revisit how we perceive death in our culture and response to it. I want death to be experienced as part of the circle of living, to demystify dying and death, and for people to get the support they need.

So I’m new to the board for HHA. But I look forward to doing the work to support HHA and its mission.

- Eileen Laffey​

Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it.


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