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Our feelings and grief about the dying and death of a pet member of the family are real and valid

and Pet Lovers Death Cafes have become one of Home Hospice Association's most popular community programs.

Our feelings and grief about the dying and death of a pet member of the family are real and valid.  For many people, pets are considered as an integral part of their family, and their relationship with their pet is different than with their human family.   However, they may feel hesitant or embarrassed to discuss their feelings about their pet’s illness or death with others who may not recognize or acknowledge the depth of the human-pet bond. 

Home Hospice Association’s mission to normalize death, by providing a safe and non-judgmental online space that welcomes those who feel pets are part of the family to join the conversation about dying and death. Talking about our experiences and feelings related to the illness and loss of a beloved pet can also be a great way to start the conversation about our own dying and death. Here are some of the comments that we have received from those who have attended past Death Café for Pet Lover events:

“I felt so encouraged by the candid sharing. Everyone in this group has or will suffer the loss of a loved pet.”

“I truly found that having this death cafe brought light to a lot of feelings I’ve had. I truly found it very comforting and educational.”

“It’s just reinforced for me how important it is to talk about death, to lean into the process, and most importantly to *talk* openly and fearlessly about the journey.”

We are pleased to have formed a partnership with The Humane Society Kitchener Waterloo Perth to host virtual Death Café for Pet Lover events (via Zoom) being held on Thursday, October 8 and Thursday, November 5 from 7-8:30 pm. Click Here to Learn More and Register Today

Thank you to Pam Keetch, Program Manager The Bello Project for this article

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