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We All Die One Day

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Have you ever thought about how incredible it is to exist--how miraculous it is to be on this planet to experience, to love, and to be? We each represent a unique being with capacity for choices and growth. We spend our days doing what we wish, though life often happens outside of our control. The only real control we have is over our conscious thoughts and reactions. Our subconscious contains within it a database of thoughts, memories, and the mechanics of what makes us human.

For some, thoughts of dying and death have been buried in the depths of their subconscious minds and when discussing death, a lot of inner resistance surfaces. The thing is, the one thing we all know inherently whether conscious of or not, is that we are all going to die.

There are reasons why thoughts of dying and death are considered taboo and cause discomfort when brought up in discussion. Sometimes, we have fears of death. More specifically, we have certain fears surrounding death such as suffering, or of leaving behind our loved ones. Or perhaps, on the contrary, we are comfortable in our own mortality, but we have a challenging time finding others who wish to participate in this dialogue with us.

I believe in speaking about death to everyone, whether you have inner resistance or not. The truth is that death is as natural as being born. Death, like birth, can be a transformative experience for everyone involved in the process, and I want to make that a reality. I am a death doula. I serve as a guide throughout the dying process. I can be there from the time of diagnosis, throughout your dying journey and after death. I provide support and companionship to those experiencing a life-limiting illness under four domains including legacy, death planning, vigil, and grief.

My goal is to help individuals and their families feel understood, valued, and comforted. I wish to them navigate their emotions by holding space for them to share, while offering support. Finding meaning in the dying journey is transformative. I can help reconcile relationships, complete projects or dreams, and create a sacred space for one's death. All end-of-life wishes will be discussed through open, non-judgemental, and caring dialogue.

Death is a sacred act, and it can be as fulfilling as life. We just need to start having conversations around death, to normalize it and to validate that it exists.

Anyone interested in becoming a death doula can register for HHA's death doula certificate program here. It is offered four times a year, and the next training weekend is January 27-29, 2023.

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