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Meeting with our Cambridge Community Volunteers for the Bello Project!

On January 26th we met in Cambridge, ON with our first group of Volunteers for the Waterloo Region.

The Home Hospice Association began in 2014 with three members and has now grown to 71 volunteers. The first two years of the organization's journey has been one of many hours of labor devoted to building both intellectual property as well as training programs for volunteers.

Now the HHA and The Bello Project, as well as other services offered to palliative patients, are ready to engage communities and support those with terminal illnesses in these communities.

The Cambridge area has shown interest and initiative to take on one of the HHA services: The Bello Project| Looking after the pets of people with terminal illness.

As of today, there are dedicated volunteers living in Cambridge that are working hard to ensure that pet-loving people who are walking the journey of terminal illness are not forgotten. As we sat down with a group of passionate volunteers we discussed and took some notes on what it means to us personally to be involved with this great Project.

Here's what we came up;

Our community is important to us, and so are all of its citizens. We want to fill the gap that has somehow been forgotten all this time. Out of all organizations providing hospice services in Canada-a service offered to those who are terminally ill- not one organization has solely set out to look after the needs of people who are loving pet parents.

Who will look after the pet of someone who wants to die at home? Who will help the family look after the responsibilities of pet ownership when they already have so much to look after? Who will ensure that the health and emotional well-being of the pet is also remembered and that the human animal bond between that pet and its sick owner is respected and maintained?


Our Community is important to us. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a village to look after our terminally ill people.

Do you want to be a part of a group of passionate people who feel the need to look after other people?

Do you feel that comfort is important- especially at the end of life?

Do you feel that pets have an amazing sense of caring and emotion to their owners, especially at the time of illness?

Would you be upset to lose your pet if you fell ill?

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of pet owners, pets and their families?

Perfect. Come join us! We are looking for people to fill our team of Compassionate Caregivers. All you need is a current police check and to complete our free online training.

We will answer all your questions and prepare you for what lies ahead.

We are dedicated to educating, as well as growing our teams to be well rounded compassionate care-givers.

Join today- email

We look forward to talking to you!

Not sure what it all involves? No problem? Ask us!

Want us to talk to your group about our services? Excellent- we do presentations!

Thanks for checking in!


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