Death Doulas 

Are the foundation of the work we do, the care we provide, the suffering we ease

Her eyes are open, can she see me? Her eyes are closed, can she hear me? The emotional vulnerability and suffering we feel as we or someone we love inches closer to death can be alleviated with the beautiful support a Death Doula provides.
HHA Death Doulas often describe their passion as being called to this work


HHA Death Doulas take a holistic approach to end of life care; share the  desire to support someone’s wish to die wherever they call home (in complete control of the decisions they make for their life and death) and they understand dying to be a most natural organic process.  We are a team of professionally trained practitioners ready to offer support in legacy work, planning for days and hours leading up to death, practical needs when we are actively dying as well as grief support. 

Why Choose a Home Hospice Association Death Doula


HHA Death Doulas are professional trained by those who work every day with the dying and their loved ones.  Each member of the team brings to our Death Doulas both the practical knowledge and first hand experience to fully prepare each person for the work they will do.  By bringing diverse backgrounds and individual experiences in spiritual care, death care and bereavement care to the the benefit of our Death Doulas, the decision many will make to include an HHA Death Doula as part of any team of care providers instills complete confidence in their ability and "heart". 

The Role a Death Doula plays in our journey from life to death is the foundation of all the care
Home Hospice Association provides to the communities we support. 
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Partnerships with Hospice Organizations, charitable Long Term Care Facilities and Community Agencies help make HHA Death Doulas available in many of our communities.

Hospice Toronto is the first Hospice Organization to assist our Death Doula Candidates meet the requirements of their certification practicum.

HHA Death Doula
HHA Death Doula

HHA Death Doula
HHA Death Doula

HHA Death Doula
HHA Death Doula

HHA Death Doula
HHA Death Doula


Coming Soon!  HHA Death Doula Directory

A chance to meet, first hand, the incredible members of the HHA Death Doula Team.  Soon you will have a chance to read why this work is so important to them and connect directly for your, our your family's, needs.

Some of HHA's Death Doula's Specialize in care for:

HHA The Diana Pathway MAiD

The Diana Pathway HHA Death Doulas support those considering or accessing Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)

Others specialize in community outreach and education: 

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No Place Like Home V1.jpg

No Place Like Home HHA Death Doulas support those members of the LBGTQ2S Community to ensure rights and choices made in life are not at risk as someone may be journeying closer to death.