HHA Death Doulas

~ The foundation of the work we do, the care we provide, the suffering we ease ~

Home Hospice Association’s Death Doulas provide a holistic approach to non-medical, nonjudgmental, individualistic, person-centered quality end of life care, where dying is understood to be a most natural organic process.


Death Planning

Individualized community resources and  

supports provided by Death Doulas are  

also offered to the primary caregivers and  

persons involved with the dying or recently deceased, such as family and friends.  

As a team of professionally trained practitioners with diverse backgrounds and individual experiences in spiritual care, our death and bereavement specialists honor each individuals unique set of circumstances and beliefs. The emotional and practical support provided work towards empowering clients to make informed decisions regarding their end of life care.  

Doulas advocate for clients’ wishes and do not make decisions for them or project their own beliefs.


Death and Bereavement

HHA’s Death Doulas respect those from all walks of life, different lifestyles and honor traditions throughout the client's journey. Clients are always in complete control of the decisions they make for their life and death, where financial standing is never seen as a concern surrounding the opportunity to receive services.


Holding Vigil

Like a Birth Doula supports a person  

giving birth during the labor process, a  

Death Doula supports a person during the  

dying process.  

“From the womb to the tomb.”  

The HHA Death Doula team is always ready to offer support in legacy work, by planning for days and hours leading up to death, assist with practical needs when actively dying, as well as proffer grief support.

Death Doulas view death as a process that takes place over time rather than an event.  

Comfort and peace are brought to the  

very last seconds of every person’s time  

in this world. 




~ Normalizing death through education to professionals, children, families and communities ~

At the forefront of a Certified Death Doula’s focus is fostering a relationship filled with support, education and encouragement. We embrace the person living with a life-limiting illness and their loved ones experiencing illness progression by providing compassionate care;  

Close to Time of Diagnosis  

-Discussing clients' options to determine their wishes and what they might expect during their unique experience  

-Discuss and provide information on resources such as local funeral homes, legacy work, types of funeral options and types of death plans and vigils  

When they get “There’s nothing more we can do for you.”  

-Suggestion of non-pharmacological comfort measures for pain and symptom management  

-Soothing massages, stretches and positions to promote relaxation and comfort

-Reiki energy healing 

-Positive verbal encouragement, reassurance, praise, affirmation, and validation

-A shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen  

-Set up and maintain an environment conducive to the death plan, and hold vigil that is respectful and in alignment of the person and loved one’s wishes

-Facilitate communication between the family and health care team  

-Better understanding of life-limiting terminal illness 

At Time of Death and/or Bereavement  

-Hold space for loved ones to express themselves and the loss  

-Perform, teach and assist in culturally, spiritually, emotionally and physically sensitive practices  

-Preparing the body if client or loved ones wish  

-Advocate for loved one’s rights and wishes  

-Emotional support and follow up  

-Referral to appropriate community resources as needed  


~ Supporting the dying, their loved ones and those who care for them in grief and bereavement ~  

For Anyone ~ of Any Age ~ At Any Time ~ Under Any Roof

Even in a climate pre-COVID, Home Hospice Association has never been brick-and-mortar, and has provided a level of care exceptional to clients and their loved ones engagingly, and often virtually. 

Hospice at Home allows HHA’s Death Doulas to perform the work they often describe as the passion they’re being pulled to.  









Including an HHA Death Doula as part of any team of care providers instills complete confidence in their ability and "heart". 

HHA provides:



-Ongoing community support 

-Regular community workshop learning nights

-A variety of meaningfully interactive programs and services

-A practicum with our Death Doula placement partnerships

Within HHA, few Death Doulas and other members have additional education, training or experience in areas such as:

-Registered Nursing, with a history in hospice and/or palliative care

-Operating their own practice, appreciating the importance of collaboration

-Elementary School Teaching, appreciating the importance of patience

-Working as a Funeral Director

-Traditional Medicine

-Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner

-Mindfulness Facilitation

-Meditation/Yoga Teaching

-Dog rescue

-Public Administration


~ Providing quality end of life care in a holistic, culturally sensitive manner ~  

(Coming Soon!)

Home Hospice Association’s Death Doula Directory  

Hospice Association is working towards putting together a Death Doula Directory, which will showcase the desire, passion and skills of those who are at the forefront of carrying out the mission of HHA.

This will allow for all who are interested in our programs and services, existing clients, as well as other HHA team members, and students, to put a face to the name.