Our Commitment

Wherever you lay your head, we will make a hospice bed


We have chosen to find a solution to a need impacting more people living in Canada than all other medical or social justice issues combined.  100% of us will die.  60% of us will die from something other than “natural causes”.  No member of our Association wants to leave our support (should we be told by the doctor “there is nothing more we can do”) or the support of our loved ones to chance. 

  • Imagine…families being able to host a Halloween Party in July

  • Imagine…families not having to agonize over “who” gets to stay because of limiting visitor policies…

  • Imagine…respecting someone’s dying religious and cultural needs

  • Imagine…not dying in the hospital alone among the commotion of emergency care

Why Your Support Matters

Home Hospice Association does not receive any health care dollars in any province.  We are only able to meet our goal that no one will walk the journey to death alone through the generosity of those individuals and businesses who believe that; as the Dalia Lama explains it:


“As newborn babies each of us was helpless and, without the care and kindness we received then, we would not have survived.  Because the dying are also unable to help themselves, we should relieve them of discomfort and anxiety and assist them, as far as we can, to die with composure.”


For many there will be a cure; but for many more there will not.  Those who are at the most vulnerable time in their lives deserve our support. 

How You Can Help

Make a one time or monthly donation and decide which program or service you wish to support.  Regardless of where you direct your dollars you are helping to ensure no on walks the journey to death alone.
Fund the supplies or get your friends together to make canvases used for our Bello Project fundraiser...Pawcasso's Studio
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Contribute to the Scholarship Funding for a worthy Death Doula or Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula Participant
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Host or sponsor Our Babies, Our Grief in any one of our Chapters; a six week progressive healing group for parents who have experienced the death of their baby in utero or during delivery.  Did you know 1 in 4 pregnancies will not result in a live birth?
Host, sponsor or walk in our annual fundraising event;
The Moonlit Memory Walk.  More than a typical "a-thon" it is a time of reflection and remembrance; a chance for us to each say our loved one's name and remember that they lived, not how the died.
Use your special talents or love of a great party to organize and host an event that will provide funds to those of us, who are dying and our loved ones.  
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Sponsor or Host
a Death Cafe For Adults
C.A.N.D.Y (Creating Awareness and Normalizing Death for Youth) Club for Children
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