Our Story

Home Hospice Association was founded in 2014 by Tracy Robertson, Jeanne O’Kell, and Glen Burkholder when they realized that the terminally ill lacked the resources needed to die on their terms. 


Western medicine aims to prevent disease and during dying, to prevent suffering. Too often, Canadian hospitals and doctors view death and the end of life journey as a medical event without a cure.  Even if an individual is provided palliative care, it isn’t sensitive to cultural, spiritual, or financial needs. Also, that care doesn’t serve the dying and their family through every stage of the end-of-life journey. 


Home Hospice Association was created to fill this gap. Our unique approach offers services, support, and compassion to those who need it most. We also take steps to support families and ensure they are present and able to grieve without guilt and fear of not fulfilling the dying person’s wishes. 


Since 2019, Home Hospice Association has partnered with numerous agencies and municipalities and has served over 500 clients throughout the province. Through these agencies, we provide a myriad of services to underserved communities. 


Trained professionals conduct our programs, and they understand the unique challenges, fears, and uncertainties of death. Some of our programs include Hospice at Home, Canada’s only pre and peri-natal hospice support, and grief programs aimed at normalizing death for children, teens, and adults. 


As we look to the future, we want to lead the Death Doula movement and make Death Doulas an integral part of the end-of-life journey. With no financial burden to the family or health care system, Death Doulas ease emotional pain and suffering. 

Why you should support us?


We can’t do this important work without donations from you. We thank you for your continued support. 

When you donate to HHA, you are ensuring that a mother who has experienced pregnancy loss will receive emotional support, a young person dealing with an unexpected death of a parent will be comforted, and a terminally ill person will have peace of mind as they approach death, at no cost to them. The trained professionals and volunteers at Home Hospice Association work hard every day to make sure that anyone in Canada can die well.

Our Mission
To destigmatize death and dying and facilitate the emotional, spiritual and physical well-being of a person facing death at every stage of the end of life journey. To educate, support, and provide compassionate comfort to families and loved ones.
Our Vision


We believe in providing end-of-life care to anyone, regardless of age, at any stage of the dying process, in any place or space that will provide safety and comfort to the dying person.  

We believe in providing quality end of life care in a holistic, culturally sensitive manner 

We believe in normalizing death through education to professionals, children, families, and communities  

We believe in supporting the dying, their loved ones, and those who care for them in grief and bereavement 

We believe in a future where we will have forever changed end-of-life care.  

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Our Values


Choice: We firmly believe that anyone facing their own mortality should be provided with a choice of resources, care, and support so they may die well and in peace.

Knowledge: We believe caregivers, family, and the dying individual should be empowered with knowledge that will assure them as they face death and grief. 


Community: We endeavor to build community through our services and offer our help to all communities. 


Collaboration: We work within a community and in tandem with community members, being sensitive to unique cultural challenges and needs, to provide exceptional service.  


Empowerment: We believe human connection is the driving force behind our care. We endeavor to be respectful, compassionate, and culturally sensitive to our client’s needs. 


Our Core Value Is Humanness