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HHA Core Programs

With our years of collective experience developing training tools and resources, our programs are designed to effectively mobilize hospice care, strengthen communities and encourage life-long learning.


Together, we can draw the circle of compassionate end-of-life care wider. Get in touch now to bring our programs to your community!

Holding Hands

Loss forever changes us and the Another Day Program is designed to meet the emotional needs of those experiencing grief while providing ways of finding a new normal.  

The Bello Project provides in-home pet care assistance for pets whose owners are facing death, allowing them to remain together sharing companionship and love when it is most needed.

Bello Project.png
Compassionate Caregiving.png

By identifying the common sources of caregiver stress, this program supports volunteer, familial and professional caregivers with culturally sensitive human connection. The goal is to reduce caregiver burnout and empathy fatigue as well as to mitigate stress-related work absenteeism.

When you have a life-limiting illness, it’s not uncommon for the illness to take over and become a way of life. With Experiential Day Hospice, participants have the opportunity to discover new experiences and nourish joyful connections. Experiential Day Hospice provides a day full of organized activities, mutual support and the enjoyment of being in peaceful surroundings.

Yoga at the Park

A child's curiosity, desire for accomplishment and sense of enjoyment transcends even the most life-limiting prognosis. HOPP journeys with a family along the path of their child's illness to help maintain a sense of normalcy by providing opportunities for bonding experiences as well as compassionate care and grief support. 

Hospice at Home gives a choice that should exist in our society but that the current health care system doesn’t offer: a fully supported in-home end-of-life care experience, whether it be in a traditional home, long term care facility, group home, shelter, prison cell, or anywhere else someone lays their head to rest.

Hospice at Home.png
Pre and Perinatal Hospice.png

The Pre and Perinatal Hospice Program supports anyone who will experience a pregnancy or infant loss whether through spontaneous miscarriage, medically required pregnancy termination or the birth of an infant either born not breathing or who will likely not live past the first 24 hours post-birth.

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