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Do young people think about death?


How can they not? Death tolls from COVID have been in the news EVERY SINGLE DAY now for months. Death is in movies, in the games some of them play, in the books they read, and on television shows.


But nothing comes close to the fear and confusion young people experience around dying and death because these are conversations that most adults don't know how to have with young people.


Adults experiencing depression and anxiety often speak about disenfranchised childhood grief caused because no one listened to them when someone they loved died and they were left to grieve on their own.

Our young people need a place to talk about their fears, ask their questions, and share their thoughts about dying, death, and grief... for the sake of their mental health.


We can help you and the young person in your life have these difficult conversations.


Through generous donations we are able to:

  • train volunteers as Leaders and Facilitators so they understand the typical developmental stages of youth and how to communicate with them regarding these topics

  • welcome participants into a comfortable space

  • facilitate open discussions, provide education and help improve communication between young people and adults

HHA is uniquely qualified to provide C.A.N.D.Y. Cafe

How do I make sure that I never forget the sound of Auntie's voice or what it felt like when she hugged me?

Who will take care of me if something happens to you?

 What Happens at C.A.N.D.Y. Cafe?

At our C.A.N.D.Y. Café online events, young people (ages 10 - 12 and 13 - 18) gather together to talk in a safe, accepting environment about dying, death, loss, and grief. 

Adults attend an online Death Cafe where, with a group of their peers, they explore their own feelings and experiences related to death and address their questions about how to talk with the young person in their life about these topics.

Was it my fault he died because I was bad?

Your Help Matters

By supporting C.A.N.D.Y. Cafes in whatever way you are able, you are opening the door to even more people of all ages, to come together to share their concerns and ideas about dying, death and grief. Is this an appropriate conversation for young people? Absolutely! In fact, their mental health might depend on it.  CANDY Cafes are uniquely our own. By specifically donating to C.A.N.D.Y. Cafes, you can help us deliver this program to our young people across Ontario.