300,000 Residents of Canada will be diagnosed with a Life Limiting Illness this year

...More than 1/3 of them are pet owners

The Bello Project delivers care and compassion to the pets of terminally ill pet owners 

The Bello Project journeys with the pet along the path of their loved one’s life-limiting illness to maintain the unshakeable bond between pet and pet-owner until death occurs.   Why is this important?  If the pet can see the changes in their owner they will be more accepting of the death.   Keeping this companionship together maintains a source of unconditional love they both need. Read More

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The Bello Project helps to end the suffering our clients experience when they are worried about will happen to their pets upon their death and how will they be able to keep them by their side until that day comes.  While the Bello Project can not change the outcome it can make the journey better by preserving the human - animal bond at a time when both need it the most.  The work of the Bello Project and the care it provides comes at no cost thanks to the following supporters.

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Articles, More Information and Useful Links ~ The Bello Project E-Zine...our Latest Edition

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