Delivering the Best Experience as an
HHA Facilitator

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Home Hospice Association Facilitators are gathering together to learn and grow together. It is a chance to join together to share our vision for improving equitable access to all Programs, Events, Groups and Death Education.  Our goal is to deliver the best experience possible to every person that entrusts us with their time, money or grief. 

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Shared Values

Collective Experience

Identified Areas for Growth

Skills Development 

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We learn and grow from each other

The Importance of This Roundtable

Keeping people present and engaged for extended periods of time does not come naturally.  For HHA expertise is only one part of being an outstanding facilitator. Delivering on our experience for the best care of our participants is the second part. Roundtables are the best way to make this happen.

The term roundtable was chosen for this event because it signifies equality, inclusion and equity.  At a round table there is no "head" ~ the place often reserved for the leader of the group.  At an HHA Roundtable we are all leaders and all followers.

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The Message We Are Delivering to the
People we Serve

  • YOU matter and we do not take your trust in us lightly

  • Those who can make a difference; must

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