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HHA's Collaborative Approach to Capacity-Building

Working Together to Promote Mar Morrow's Workshop on Advance Care Planning for Parents of Children with Disabilities

April 2024

Written by Daphne McElroy, Student Intern


In February 2024, HHA Death Doula Mar Morrow collaborated closely with HHA’s interns and marketing team to promote a new workshop on Advance Care Planning for parents of children with disabilities. Together, we organized a Workshop Preview providing agencies the opportunity to experience the session firsthand to see its value in action.


As a Home Hospice Association intern, I had the privilege of contributing to the promotion of this event. Throughout this process, I witnessed firsthand HHA’s incredible support for the professional development of their Death Doulas, as well as the organization’s commitment to growing their offerings for people with disabilities and their families. It was wonderful to work with Mar, who has so much experience working with this population.

One of the most inspiring aspects of this project was the collaborative effort involved. Working alongside a dedicated team of individuals who shared a genuine interest in promoting the workshop motivated me as I built new skills and gained deeper knowledge about advance care planning. By pooling our skills, experience, and resources, we ensured the success of this initiative. 


My role was primarily focused on outreach and engagement. I did extensive research to identify agencies that serve populations that could benefit from Mar’s workshop. I also designed promotional materials and invited potential attendees. I lost track of just how many phone calls I made and emails I sent, but - in the end - it was worth it! 

Thanks to the concerted outreach and marketing strategies of our team, the attendance numbers for the workshop exceeded our expectations and Mar was thrilled. And for me personally, it was really rewarding to see the impact of our collective efforts in bringing together agencies that support people with disabilities for an event that will serve them and their clients well into the future. 


If you're interested in inviting HHA to present the Advance Care Planning workshop to your agency or clients, please contact us at


If you're a parent looking to create an Advance Care Plan for your child and need support, feel free to reach out to Mar directly at

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