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Fireside Reflections: Time Well Spent with the HHA Family in Ottawa

Eastern Ontario Chapter Hangout & Fireside Chat

April 2024

Written by Sara Rodenhizer, Professional Development Team


We're thrilled to share the highlights from the recent HHA Eastern Ontario Chapter's Quarterly In-Person Hangout, which took place at the end of March 2024 in Ottawa. This gathering was an opportunity for our Doulas and Candidates based in Ottawa and surrounding areas to come together, exchange stories, and share invaluable knowledge and experiences. 


Among the attendees were our co-founder and CEO, Tracey, along with co-founder and Board Chair, Glen. Their presence helped to cultivate an environment of collaboration and camaraderie, while also infusing the gathering with an abundance of networking enthusiasm! 


One of the highlights of the event was the recorded fireside video-chat between Eastern Ontario Chapter Leadership members, Pam and Mar (yes, in front of an actual fire! Well, sort of). They delved into various topics, including the advantages of face-to-face meetups (0:40), Mar's Advanced Care Planning workshop (4:40), HHA's exciting partnership with McEvoy Shields (14:50), the benefits for Death Doulas in joining HHA's Home Hospice Community (17:05), and the upcoming Moonlit Memory Walk (20:34). 

But it wasn't all serious discussions; we also had our fair share of LOLs! Don't miss the hilarious outtakes captured during Pam and Mar’s chat – reminding us that even in the realm of dying and death, there needs to be space for levity and joy.  

Overall, the Hangout was a resounding success, reinforcing the importance of community, collaboration, and shared learning. We're grateful to everyone who attended and contributed to making these few days so memorable. 

If you're an HHA Death Doula or Candidate interested in connecting with fellow practitioners in your area, make sure we have your current/preferred email address for invitations. Also, please consider joining our HHAngouts Organizing Committee to help expand our community hangouts. 


Don’t miss our next Virtual Hangout on June 3, 2024, at 7pm (ETZ). Look out for the link in your invitation email! 

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