The Diana Pathway

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The Diana Pathway is carrying the legacy of the first client Home Hospice Association supported when seeking medical assistance in dying (MAiD).

Diana was passionate about individuals being empowered to make decisions that reflected their personal values and preferences for individual healthcare when faced with a terminal illness.  

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Meet Dan Steinwald; Diana's Husband and Chair of the Diana Pathway Pilot Team
Introducing The Diana Pathway Pilot Team

Merri-Lee Agar

“Being invited on Diana’s dying journey as her Death Doula has been one of the most meaningful and enriching experiences of my life. Bearing witness to her grace and her strength while embracing her death validated for me how important it is for us to have the choice to die with dignity.”

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Tracey Robertson

"I did not have the honour of knowing Diana but have had the great honour of knowing and admiring her beloved Dan.  I am passionately committed to The Diana Pathway because I want Dan to be proud of the legacy he promised to his beautiful wife."


Morgan Poirier

"I am honoured to have the opportunity to carry on the legacy of Diana and am passionately advocating for individuals to fulfill their wishes regarding personal healthcare when faced with a terminal illness. As a Social Service Worker, I am committed to promoting self-advocacy and determination for everyone seeking support."


Leslie Shafran

"As a passionate advocate for individuals being empowered to make decisions that reflected their personal values and preferences for individual healthcare when faced with a terminal illness, Diana's journey is one I am committed to upholding. As a passionate MAiD coordinator/clinical social worker, I am honored to be enacting Diana's vision for MAiD clients to be in charge of their own dying journey and am passionately committed to supporting the creation of the Diana Pathway Death Doula Program”

The Diana Pathway Beta-Test

As a team, we envision that The Diana Pathway will be a special care plan supported by a one day workshop to supplement your training as a Death Doula.  Combined we will provide insight into the challenges of working with a client who chooses MAiD over a natural death and deliver the special support around legacy, death planning, vigiling and grief that HHA Death Doulas are uniquely qualified to provide.   We now want to enter the Beta Test phase of this project to evaluate our work to date. 

On Tuesday, September 22, 2020 we will hold an Orientation Meeting (Virtual) for interested Death Doulas and Death Doula candidates.  We will provide an overview of The Diana Pathway, describe the Beta Test process, and answer your questions.  If you are interested in participating in this phase, please complete the following form:

The Diana Pathway Beta-Test is the next step on what has already been a successful
Pilot Project

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  • January 2020 - successful launch of pilot focus groups

  • March 2020 - complete full on boarding of team

  • April 2020 - resource manual for Death Doula MAiD specific complete

  • May 2020 - Care plan and Care Plan documents complete

  • June 2020 - sub-team to work on MAiD & the LGBTTIQQ2S Community

  • July 2020 - The Diana Pathway Death Doula Workshop Complete

  • August 2020 - Launch of the Diana Pathway Beta-Test Death Doula Campaign Underway

The Diana Pathway Pilot Project is in need of funds... Can you Help?


Now that we are entering into our Beta-Test funding is required to facilitate the training of our Beta Test Death Doulas and to deliver The Diana Pathway legacy, death planning, vigiling and grief support that HHA Death Doulas are uniquely qualified to provide.  Make your tax deductible donation:

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