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The Diana Pathway


Carrying on the legacy of the first client Home Hospice Association supported when seeking Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), the Diana Pathway is both a legacy and a tribute to Diana.  


Diana was passionate about individuals being empowered to make decisions that reflected their own personal values and preferences for individualized healthcare when faced with a terminal illness. As an advocate for MAID and for the Death Doula Movement supporting those accessing MAID, Diana lead by example - an example that, today, we are proud to uphold. 


Shortly after Diana's death, and in her honour, HHA launched a pilot project to allow what we learned supporting Diana to be built into a full-service offering. 


Today, we are proud to announce the upcoming launch of the New and Improved Diana Pathway. Stay tuned to learn more!

HHA The Diana Pathway MAiD

Program Launch Date: March 17 2023

Leslie Shafran

The Diana Pathway Program Manager & MAID Subject Matter Expert

Leslie Shafran is a registered Social Worker, certified Death Doula and a Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) coordinator, educator and advocate. Passionate about all forms of end-of-life care,  Leslie brings a wealth of experience supporting folks through the dying journey in a variety of settings, from critical care and trauma intervention, to longer term advanced care planning and management of chronic illness. Leslie has experience working with individuals and families at all stages of the life span, and has provided end of life care to infants, children, adults and seniors. Leslie also has experience writing and modifying MAID policy and practice at a Toronto area hospital, ensuring policy and practice reflected legislative changes made since 2016. 


As a Death Doula, Leslie specializes in working with clients who are inquiring about, being assessed for, and accessing MAID, as well as their families and loved ones.  Leslie is a passionate advocate for empowering Canadians to both live and die with dignity, and is a staunch supporter of end-of-life rights in Canada. Finally, Leslie is committed to upholding Diana's legacy, and is honored to be enacting Diana's vision for MAID clients to seize autonomy in their own dying journey.


Leslie serves as the Program Manager & MAID Subject Matter Expert for the Home Hospice Association, and is looking forward to sharing with you all where this journey will take us next. Stay tuned to learn more about the new and improved Diana Pathway!

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