Infant & Pregnancy
Loss Doula
Certificate Program

Next Class Date:  

November 4-6, 2022

Home Hospice Association’s IPLD certificate program covers preconception loss due to early and late miscarriage, medical and elective termination, prematurity, stillbirth and neonatal death and the subsequent feelings and emotions families experience during perinatal loss.


Perinatal loss is more than the loss of a baby; it’s the loss of a relationship. 25% of people living in Canada experience loss at some point in their expectant journey. Inspired by parents who searched for compassion, education, care and support during one of the most painful moments in their lives, Home Hospice Association offers Canada’s first training in Pre and Perinatal Hospice Services. Their Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula (IPLD) Certificate Program is designed to equip you, professionals and caregivers, with the knowledge, tools and resources to reflect on the care provided to individuals and families who experience perinatal loss and the grief that follows. This training was created to enhance the holistic end of life care provided to patients, clients and loved ones experiencing infant and pregnancy loss.

Our program covers preconceptions loss due to early and late miscarriage, medical and elective termination, prematurity, stillbirth and neonatal death and the subsequent feelings and emotions families experience during perinatal loss.

HHA equips you with skills, knowledge and perspectives to support, encourage

and empower grieving individuals and their families. As a benefit to joining HHA’s Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula Certificate Program, you will gain access to:

● Peer to Peer support from your Candidate Advisor

● Access to HHA resource and programs for continued life-long learning

● Network to Death & IPLD Doula community support groups


For more information about Pre and Perinatal Hospice and its importance to holistic end of life

care, please click here

Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula Certificate Program

Online Independent Learning Modules in Google Classroom

2.5 days of in class sessions delivered virtually at this time

Monthly Virtual Workshops

In following with government guidelines and for the safety of all, we continue to conduct virtual trainings. We look forward to offering hybrid in-person and virtual when safe to do so. 

Certificate Program Cost:



A $100 deposit is due at registration to secure your spot.  Please note, deposits and tuition fees are non-refundable.

Upcoming Class Dates: 

November 4-6, 2022

Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula
Certificate Program
Who Should Take This Training?

Individuals who should consider taking the Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula Certificate Program are:

  • Caregivers or individuals wanting to learn how to better support grieving loved ones

  • Birth workers (professionals or students) working within primary care and/or birth environment

  • Primary care practitioners looking to develop their skills in compassionate care

  • Persons in community supportive roles who serve bereaved families

  • Professionals who provide one-to-one bereavement support to families before, during and after death

  • Professionals who work in emergency or trauma environments that may witness infant or maternal death

  • Individuals who have experienced this type of loss and want to support and empower others

Why Choose Home Hospice Association as your IPLD Educators?

Our Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula Certificate Program is created by a team of experts who share a common passion for educating and empowering, and bringing comprehensive knowledge and practical perspectives to end-of-life care. Our educators come from diverse backgrounds and bring experiences in birthing, end of life and bereavement care. With a growing need to support this community, our training has enhanced the care provided

from professionals, including OBGYN’s and neonatal nurses, to parents and family membersacross North America, including Mexico.

Our program focuses on participation between facilitators, students and special guest speakers, providing opportunities to practice learning and networking to further expand your skills and knowledge.


Merri-Lee is kind, giving, warm and professional!

This was a feel good about the ideals of the doula! She gave a presentation and painted vivid pictures of her stories. Great example you set

for us Merri-Lee.” 


Whether you are an individual learning how to better support a loved one or a professional hoping to advance your client care, you will benefit from the weekend course. It may take a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to grieve and support the loss of a child. Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula Training is recommended for anyone who provides emotional support, advice or comfort to an individual and their loved ones experiencing perinatal loss and the subsequent grief that follows. This may include birth doulas, neonatal nurses, social workers, funeral professionals, bereavement specialists, health care workers, and physicians or any individuals who have walked this difficult path and would like to be there for someone else on their grieving journey.

The Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula Certification, takes place at the conclusion of the training weekend. Working with an Advisor as Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula Candidate you will complete various requirements including a combination of written assignments and practicum needs, as well as a final exam. IPLD Certification is recommended to anyone who has a calling to provide this service as a career development or profession.

Your Facilitator Team

Julie Anne Mauno edit.jpg

Julie-Anne Mauno

Professional Development Training Facilitator

Registered Perinatal Support Worker, Infant and Pregnancy Loss Doula

Glen Burkholder.webp

Glen Burkholder

HHA Co-Founder; Professional Development Training Facilitator

Funeral Director, Infant and Pregnancy Loss Doula


Merri-Lee Culbert

Professional Development Training Lead;
Registrar, Facilitator

Bereavement Specialist, Infant and Pregnancy Loss/Death Doula and Reiki Master/Teacher

Learning Objectives

● The role of a Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula

● Stages of gestation and how to support

● Termination elective

● Prematurity, stillbirth and neonatal death

● Compassionate and empathetic communication strategies

● Memorialization and memory making at the time of birth

● Complexity of grief and how to respond effectively to expressions of grief

● The legalities of funeral practices in Ontario

● Community resources available through HHA networks and partners


Course Content Includes:

● Evolving Role of an Infant & Pregnancy Death Doula

● Grief & Bereavement

● Comfort Measures Before, During and After Delivery

● Supporting other family members along the journey

● Contacting the Funeral Home

● Honouring a Life - Rituals, Traditions and Cultural Awareness

● The Art & Skill of Compassionate Communication

● Reserving Judgement

● Consultation Practice for Delivery Plans

● Selfcare, Triggers and Debriefing

For more information about Infant &Pregnancy Loss Doula’s please click here or if you have any additional questions about HHA’s IPLD program, please email Merri-Lee Culbert