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From the desk of the Board Chair

You can find the full 2021-2022 annual report here.

At the outset of our 2021/2022 fiscal year, our Board Chair was Mr. Daniel Steinwald. As the year progressed, Dan had some tough decisions to make and the first was to move back to his native country of the United States of America. His late wife Diana, who ultimately brought him to Home Hospice Association as we companioned them both to her Medical Assisted Death, was the sole reason he moved to Canada. Dan’s repatriation to the USA found him living amongst family and friends, and he made the decision to fully embrace his retirement. Well deserved!! With very big shoes to fill, I volunteered to temporarily fill the position of Board Chair. From the time of Dan’s departure, I have continued his path.

This past year saw the completion of a board training initiative, modeled after a book club experience, and facilitated by Michele Steinwald (Dan’s daughter), on the important subject of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion”. Many valuable considerations and lessons were taken away from this experience, and as a board, we were very grateful to Michele for her leadership and for her kind heart.

During a continuing global pandemic, Home Hospice Association was faced with many challenges, mostly concerning face to face meetings, gatherings, and educational opportunities. In our 2020/2021 year, we had to quickly rejig how we were going to continue to deliver our educational programs. Conversion from in-person learning to an online learning platform was the only way to deliver programming in a manner that was safe for everyone. We quickly became aware that by doing so, this allowed our reach to extend well beyond the greater Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara, and surrounding regions in Ontario, to programming that can be taken advantage of from across Canada, into the USA, and even overseas. Educating individuals in the many facets of providing dignified, considerate, compassionate, and qualified care to those who are dying and those who are supporting them remains to be the leading capital gaining initiative for HHA. Our specialized training separates us from the rest, by providing many facilitators and subject matter experts to complement the weekend classroom experience. All this comes together on the complementary and gifted platform of “Google Classroom”, and the comprehensive learning curriculum that is provided utilizing Google Classroom continues to be unparalleled. Google continues to support Home Hospice Association on several different levels, and we are grateful to them. Further, my gratitude to goes the many who have and continue to deliver our training programs.

To our CEO Tracey Robertson, my fellow members of the Board and Executive committees, I wish to personally thank every one of you for your continued support and dedication to such a wonderful charity effort. To the many volunteers, education candidates and supporters of HHA, we are nothing without you.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

If you are interested in ways that you can support the work of Home Hospice Association, please click the links below or visit our fundraising page:

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