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How Volunteering with HHA Fulfills My Ikigai

Ikigai means "a reason for being." It refers to having a purpose or direction in life which offers a sense of satisfaction or meaning. I partially understood her Ikigai at a very young age. I say partially because I feel that I have more things to add to my Ikigai. Maybe we are always adding to the meaning of our life. Through this blog, I will discuss how the Home Hospice Association has helped me learn more about my Ikigai.

Since childhood, I have seen my loved ones helping people who need support, care, and guidance and that is how I was able to discover my Ikigai - support, care, love, and guidance for those that need it the most.

I have always believed in doing what I can, in whatever I have and wherever I am, which can also be translated as my life mantra. I have celebrated my special occasions at orphanages, distributed food, clothes, and medicines to the homeless, and when I stepped into my new home country, I thought of extending my contributions here as well.

While reading and researching how I could contribute to society, I came across a volunteer marketing position at Home Hospice Association. When I read about the organization I was amazed and shocked at the same time to see that there are such kind souls in this world who lend their support during the most difficult phase of human life - Death.

When you know that you are going to say goodbye to your near and dear ones very soon and there is nothing that can give you more time to stay with your loved ones, how devastated a person feels is something which is beyond my imagination. But HHA supports, guides, loves and takes care of such individuals, their families, and their pets during these difficult times.

I feel privileged to be a part of such an organization as well as a country where empathy is one of the values followed or imbibed in each individual.

Last, I would like to confess one thing to you all: Even if I would have not been part of HHA, I would have surely taken the program to people, not as a volunteer, but as an outsider who is in awe of the work done by HHA. And that's how I know the Home Hospice Association fulfills my Ikigai. I am part of an organization that helps the lives of so many. Working with them, I help affect that change, too.

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