Talking to Young People About Dying & Death
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Through the eyes of a child is a common phrase we hear when trying to understand and relate to a child’s emotions, behaviours and feelings.  However, when it comes to discussing life altering events we are sometimes at a loss of words.  

Discussing death with children and young adults can be challenging and many tend to avoid the discussion all together.  Death, just as birth, is a natural part of our lives. As parents and a community, it is our responsibility to ensure young people know it’s okay to discuss death and learn healthy ways to cope with grief.  

How to Talk to Young People About Dying & Death is a fascinating discussion in helping young people process dying and death and the stages of grieving. During this session we will review the development stages of a child’s brain in relation to how they experience the world and life events, discuss ways to approach dying, death and grief with children and youth, and finally, the importance of listening to our children and providing a safe place to ask questions and discuss feelings.

HHA is proud to offer C.A.N.D.Y Cafe, as a support resource in Creating Awareness and Normalizing Death for Youth. 

Currently C.A.N.D.Y Cafe is a free virtual program for ages 10 - 18 to gather in a safe and accepting environment to discuss dying, death, loss and grief.  For more information or to register for the next event, please visit C.A.N.D.Y Cafe

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Workshop Details

Free virtual workshop starting at 7:00pm

Meet Our Speaker - Terri Viola-Wilson

Terri is a retired teacher with over 30 years of engaging with young people in the classroom, on sports teams, in choirs, and in social justice movements. During those years, one of her passions was helping to improve communication between her students and those who cared for them in order for the young person to realize their greatest potential.


With the mental welfare of young people in mind, Terri helped develop the C.A.N.D.Y. Café program. Using personal and professional experiences, as well as continuing education in childhood trauma and child and youth grieving, Terri brings empathy and knowledge not only to the young people she encounters in C.A.N.D.Y. Café but, through presentations, to the adults who live and work with young people.


She explains, “First and foremost, we have to listen. Each young person has fears and questions about dying, death, and grief, whether or not they have experienced the death of a loved one. If no one listens to them, they come up with their own answers… and that can lead to anxiety and fear. By opening up the dialogue and truly listening, we are able to respond with compassion, educate where necessary, and support each young person.”

Other Great Workshops To Look Forward To  

Many Faces of Compassion is a monthly virtual speaker spotlight series, providing information and resources for volunteers, family members and professional caregivers supporting someone with a life-threatening illness.  During these events we take a deeper dive into issues and challenges facing the caregiver community, discuss ways to be more empathetic, sympathetic and compassionate toward fellow caregivers and those we love and support, and learn the importance self compassion and care plays in a holistic approach to caregiving.  

This year’s theme “Walking In Each Other’s Shoes” encourages that no one should feel alone.

Compassion is the fabric that holds communities and families together. It motivates and challenges us to see each other in ourselves, “to suffer together” and soothe the physical, mental or emotional pains. Without compassion, we would be living in isolation and on the edge.


Now more than ever, we need compassionate people and communities in the World.

We need to “Walk in Each Other’s Shoes.”

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